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    The plains and highlands of southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya are characterised by irregular rainfall and low soil fertility. As a result, mobility has long been a key element in the economy of the local Borana Oromo pastoralists.


Research trip to the International Livestock Research Institute

by Gunnar Dreßler

At the end of November, I spent one week at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in Nairobi and Addis Ababa. About one year after Felix’ research trip to Ethiopia, I had the opportunity to return to ILRI to work on a first project report with our project partner Lance Robinson...

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Write Your Thesis Here

by David

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Stakeholder workshop in South Ethiopia

by Felix

In the first 10 days of November, I went on a research trip to Ethiopia. There, I had the opportunity to represent POLISES in a stakeholder workshop on pastoralism in southern Ethiopia...

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