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Web-based food security game

by David

By Jakob Lochner

Most products in the supermarket have seen more countries in their lifetime than I have, even though I like traveling. It is everybody’s own responsibility to be aware where the purchased products come from and what labor conditions in these countries are like. As today’s young students are tomorrow’s consumers, it is important to make them acquainted with such topics.

During my internship at the UFZ, I developed the concept of a web-based game to combine the benefits of having fun, playing a game, with learning about our teleconnected world. This is part of the research proposal of the POLISES group. In collaboration with KonsumGlobal Leipzig, Eine Welt e.V. Leipzig and the whole POLISES team, I conceived a written report where the ideas of the game are described in detail.

The game will be part of classes at secondary schools and will be available online for free. The students slip into the role of a young person who wants to celebrate a birthday party at the house of his or her parents. Some preparations need to be done for the party: buying food and drinks, decorating the house, etc. While carrying out the preparations, the students get confronted with the history of the products they purchase for the party.

A more detailed handout (in German) can be found here.

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